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Thread: NextPVR, Web Server and Sub-titles

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    NextPVR, Web Server and Sub-titles

    I have NextPVR working with an HDHomeRun HDHR4-2US tuner. Works great. When I play the recorded .ts files within NextPVR or using the VLC media player, subtitles work fine. When I steam the TV recordings on the NextPVR build-in web server everything work great (guide, streaming, etc.), except that there are no subtitles on the streamed video. Clicking on the settings wheel does bring up a dialog box to choose sub-titles, but none are available to select.

    What do I need to do to make sub-titles work on the streamed vide within the NextPVR web server?

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    It's possible it doesn't work for US style Closed Captions. I've only ever tested that subtitle feature with DVB Subtitles.

    I'll check it when I get a chance.

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