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Thread: Manually adding a DVB-S channel that is not detected during a scan

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    Manually adding a DVB-S channel that is not detected during a scan

    At our new house we get lousy DVB-T terrestrial reception with some multiplexes missing, so I've got a PCTV 461 DVB-S adaptor and I've done a scan on the 28.2 Sky/Freesat satellite for all channels. Most channels are detected, but some are missing: in particular TalkingPictures TV (Freesat 306). I can see the scanner trying 11538 MHz (the frequency for the multiplex that contains that channel) but no channels seem to be added for it.

    Is it an outdated entry in \users\public\NPVR\Tuning\DVB-S\0282.ini? Are those ini files kept up-to-date to reflect any changes by Freesat?

    How do I add a channel manually, and what parameters do I need to specify? I tried modifying an exisiting channel entry with frequency and H/V polarisation, but nothing plays on Live TV so I'm evidently missing something.

    I've established that another package (the one that was supplied with DVB-S adaptor) can see that channel, so it's not a reception issue. Sadly that package doesn't find any EPG for any channel so I have to add channel-and-times entries manually.
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    It looks like that transponder has changed to DVB-S or the ini was wrong. I've just had a play around and the original ini found nothing there - a quick tweak and quite a few channels popped up

    ini should have 11538,V,22000,56,DVB-S,QPSK

    info found from

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    Doesn't NextPVR support the .ini files you can download from KingOfSat? If so maybe try downloading 0282.ini and using it after backing up the original.


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