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Thread: Replaced colossus - now "no show details"

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    Replaced colossus - now "no show details"

    My old colossus died, so I bought a new colossus 2. After getting it installed, I now have "no show details" all over my EPG. Not every channel, but many.
    Here is what I did:

    1. Old colossus had already been removed from my computer.
    2. Installed the Colossus 2 and all the Hauppauge software and got it working (WinTV 8.5, Hauppauge Capture and IR blaster).
    3. Opened NPVR and went to SETTINGS>DEVICES
    4. It showed both the old colossus and the new colossus 2 even though the old one was gone along with its driver.
    5. Right clicked the old colossus and "Delete Device".
    6. Selected colossus 2 and "Device Setup"
    7. At top, INPUT SOURCE TO "HDMI", CHANGER to "Executable", EXECUTABLE to "Haupblast.exe"
    8. Clicked "IMPORT" button.
    9. Changed Source to "Schedules Direct". It shows the correct "Verizon FIOS Philadelphia" in the lineup box.
    10 Right clicked on channels and selected "disable all". Now, select the channels I want and click OK.
    11 Did Update EPG when it asked.
    12 Channel list in HDPVR Settings box looks good. Clicked OK in this box.
    13 EPG shows ALL the channels from schedules direct, not just the ones I checked. This was a surprise.
    14 Settings>Channels and remove the ones I don't want, Update EPG.
    15 EPG now shows the correct channels, but many have "no show details".
    16 No matter how many times I run "Update EPG", doesn't help. Still "no show details".

    I figure I did something wrong here, but not sure what or how to fix.
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