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Thread: Any way to temporarily suspend scheduled recordings?

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    Some interesting discussion here! Thanks for the input!

    It probably wouldn't be a big deal, except that I have a half dozen daily news programs that I record in the morning, noon, and evening. I don't actually watch them all, I just record them because I can, and then I have them if there happens to be a current interesting news event that I want to follow. I only retain one episode of each program, so they are self cleaning, except for when the computer is shut down, and then things sort of snowball...

    If it was just a few weekly TV series then it wouldn't be such a PITA.

    I guess it is time to explore SQLite...
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    What about emptying the guide, setting it so the guide doesn't update (even if you mess up your guide data password to fail updating)? Would that do away with the scheduled recordings? No failed because there is no guide data?

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    How about using the "disable" switch in the RecurringRecordings menu option?

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