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Thread: V5 Testing

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcole998 View Post
    One more: I've found no way to change channels while viewing live TV other than stopping it and choosing another channel. V4 permitted typing in a new channel while viewing. Will this eventually be offered?
    It's still the same in NextPVR.exe in v5.

    The web app doesn't currently have a feature like this, but I could look into adding something.

    Two more: Is there a way to quickly scroll to a channel in guide using the keyboard?
    In NextPVR.exe you can do the same as previous versions - ie, type channel number and press enter. There isn't an equivalent in the web app.

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    My error, sub. I didn't specify which viewer I was referring to, desktop or web. That's great if the desktop works as always. I believe that it would also make the web app better.

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