Clients for use with NextPVR v5

For Windows users, the familiar nextpvr.exe user interface is available. At this stage it can only be installed on Windows, and will only connect to a NextPVR server running on the same machine. It is preinstalled in the 'client' subdirectory of the Windows binaries.

nlite is a thin UI Client, which gets its user interface from the NextPVR backend. Currently we're only providing binaries for Windows, but it also works on Linux and Mac. The source code is available for anyone wanting to compile it on these platforms. nlite for Windows can be downloaded from

iOS apps for iPhone and iPad
An iOS client is available for NextPVR on the Apple App Store. It requires iOS 10 or above, and can be installedfrom

Apple TV app
An Apple TV client is available for NextPVR on the Apple App Store. It requires tvOS 11 or above.

Android app
An Android client is available for NextPVR on the Google Play Store. It is compatible with phones, tables, and Android TV. It requires Android 5.1 or higher.

Kodi addon
The existing Kodi NextPVR addon is compatible with v5, but you'll need to have live streaming set to 'real time'. To get timeshift live tv working, you'll need an updated addon, which will be available soon.

knewc (pronounced "nuke")
This is a alternative Kodi NextPVR addon. It provides similar functionality to the Kodi NextPVR addon, but with an alternative interface. It also provides a UI Client mode, which lets users get the traditional NextPVR UI working in Kodi. Knewc is the new version / replacement for X-NEWA (which I broke by changing an API it depended on)

Emby plugin
A new Emby plugin is available which can talk to NextPVR v5. Information and support for this addon can be found on the Emby community forums