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Thread: No EPG data/live TV in Kodi

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallevand View Post
    The shields are getting logged in but I am not seeing how. Empty their pvr guides shut them down and shutdown the iOS device too. Then restart the server and bring one shield online and we can see clean logs.

    Ok - I am on a different shield now. I'm not sure what the iOS device was - but hopefully it's not in the logs now.

    I added a username in NVPR settings (under the client tab). I also have a password and a pin that was previously set. Once I added the user name, the guide process completed ( I can see channels in my EPG where I couldn't before), but I dont' see whats actually on at specific times. I do not specify this username/password/pin in Kodi - so I'm not sure why this made any difference. So this issue has changed a bit, but still persists.

    Also - when I attempt to open a channel, the stream fails. It looks like a 404 error, but again, I can watch this on other Kodi clients without fail. If it were a true 404, then I would think they would all fail.

    I've attached new logs for Kodi and NPVR. Again - really appreciate your time looking into this!
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    I would need the kodi log from the shield not the PC this afternoon. There is a good addon for Kodi that uploads the log to pastebin and you can just send us the URL.

    I think you need to find the patch for NShared to avoid transcoding but there is another odd error. Maybe this one but there might be a newer one.

    2019-07-08 21:20:26.697 [DEBUG][3] Failed to build IPTV graph: Unable to locate 'NPVR Net Push Source'

    Also earlier when you tried to play a file you got one of hese

    2019-07-08 21:13:53.887 [DEBUG][25] Doing second chance 401...

    so the problem was also at the source.

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