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Thread: Using dshow or ffmpeg as an input to NPVR?

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    Not that he could use it right now, but the IPTV source does actually support a blaster. Currently the UI doesn't provide options to configure it. (you can make it happen by tweaking the tuning strings in the database)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    You could possibly have ffmpeg or vlc do this encoding, like you're doing above, to produce a transport stream, sending it to udp, and configure NextPVR to use IPTV to access the channel via udp.
    I just tried this with an analog v4l2 device in linux and it appears to work (I have no cable signal in this room). Unfortunately from what I can tell NextPVR doesn't have a script file to run at the end of live tv to turn off the server.

    Also the HDPVR v4l2 driver doesn't work as input to ffmpeg udp stream so it needs to wait for v4l2 support in NextPVR


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