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Thread: v5 is awesome!

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    v5 is awesome!

    v5 is awesome, great work! Tuning to channel in Kodi is now instant,in v4 I had to wait ~4seconds. Since I'm running Windows box atm.
    I'm looking forward to see how it will work in virtual environment as tiny linux box so what should I use to minimize memory usage and move it away from Kodi box? CentOS/Debian/something else?

    ps. any chance to include DAB radio in v5?

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    v5 is awesome for me on an Odroid N2 and just slightly poorer on an RPi4 with arm64 and you can probably use other smaller devices if you don't care about transcoding to the web browser. With VM environments I'd be concerned about tuners. Wherever you choose make sure that drivers are available.

    As for DAB radio, NextPVR is great for me streaming internet radio via IPTV so I think that is a better option many streams are DAB quality. I use a feature I added for Kodi which allows Kodi PVR plays the radio stream directly without even touching NextPVR and it still allows recording in NextPVR.


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