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Thread: How can I modify TV Listings Skin

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    How can I modify TV Listings Skin

    I have used NPVR for a number of years and love the TV Listings Plugin and have got used to using it on my PC and PVR.
    Now I am building a Micro PC as a media server for my Lounge TV instead of a large PVR.
    This will only be used for playback, so I wanted to remove some of the Buttons from the 'TV Recordings' page.
    As it is for playback only I will not need; Ready, Whats New, Last Watched, Pending, Recurring, Conflicts & Manual Rec.
    I have found that I can turn off; Ready, Whats New, Last Watched, Pending, Recurring & Conflicts But I cannot find a setting to remove Manual Rec.
    I have searched in vain for an .xml file which I could hopefully modify to allow me to do this.
    Can you help please?
    Many thanks
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