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Thread: Server/Client VPN question

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    Server/Client VPN question

    I am using NextPVR w/ IPTV as a tuner. My PC that hosts NextPVR has a VPN running. I have several client/android TV boxes running Kodi.

    Since my host PC is running a VPN, to I need to also have my client ATV boxes to run a VPN as well?

    My thought is that if my host is routing the traffic through a VPN, my clients should be safe when viewing IPTV content.

    Is that accurate? Or should I be running VPN's all round?


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    You posted about whether your clients boxes will be "safe" that is not the purpose of the VPN. The VPN can protect your footprint on the internet so if your Kodi client's don't have any addons that connect to the internet there is nothing to protect. If you want to be truly anonymous, don't forget to turn off any automatic updating on the clients and don't

    Certainly no one here should post on whether you personally should consider yourself "safe" using a VPN. Assuming you follow the Kodi terms of service on piracy you should have nothing to worry about. There is a good position paper here

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    Most of VPNs are setup for split tunneling, ie. They route internet traffic via VPN but local LAN traffic outside.
    Your case is most likely the same so most likely you don't need to.

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