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Thread: Freesat EPG not updating since the 5th of Aug 2019

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    Sub. My issue with bulk map was a long time ago and I haven't had cause to try using it in at least two years.

    I think at the time it may not have been clear exactly how it was supposed to work. (no instructions in the Wiki).
    NPVR Version= 4.2.4_190307
    Intel i7 Quad Core 3200 + 16GB DDR2 Gigabyte Motherboard
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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    60Gb SSD Recording Cache
    4Tb Media Store (WD Red 4Tb x 2 in Raid 1)

    Raspberry Pi2 running OSMC (Kodi v18.3) x 2
    Raspberry Pi3 B+ running OSMC (Kodi v18.3)

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    I've made sure you can move them to Freesat for the next build of v5. This is done using the 'automap' feature, which is kind of the equivalent of v4's Bulk Map.

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    I look forward to testing it :-)

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