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Thread: What is a backend?

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    What is a backend?

    I talk about my NextPVR backend well here is what I live with now with v4 and v5. It used to be quite organized but during testing of v5 it became a bit of a disaster as I have been switching things around so much and testing too many combinations (this picture is actually from a webcam hooked into v5 on linux). It doesn't help that I have to walk a ways to get there, glad I can do most things with ssh, rdp and vnc.

    USB and network devices are convenient but PCI used to hide most of this.

    They talk about cutting the cord. I have a few.

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    I'm usually fairly tidy, but I'm guilty of a bit of this myself at the moment. I also blame NextPVR v5 testing. I've got a lot more stuff scattered about, but this is particularly messy bit right next to my desk.

    Some of things you can see in this pic: a Nuc, RPi3, RPi4, Odroid N2, Apple TV, Hauppauge Rocket, Set top box, portable hard drive, a retired HTPC, and my office TV.

    My wife says I have to clean it up
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    You poor boy it time for you to call Linus IT department for better cable management tips LoL

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    Thank heavens I'm not the only one

    any flat surface is immediately cluttered

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