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Thread: "Home" Error in Desktop App

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    "Home" Error in Desktop App

    Tried the newest drop and tried the "Home" key while watching live TV. V4 lets one look at the guide but I got this error with the V5 Desktop app.

    Too early to try this?
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    System Status: Humming
    Desktop: Intel DX38BT MB - Intel Q9650 3GHz Quad - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics
    Software: Win 10 Pro(Build 1803) - NextPVR - WinTV8
    Video: Verizon FiOS - Hauppauge DCR-3250 - Hauppauge 1512 HDPVR2

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    Does press F1 help? It should get you the guide in live tv.

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