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Thread: Live tv problem

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    No problem, I will send you the logs when I get home a little later this afternoon. (California)

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    Is there a solution to the problem with Direct Recording.

    I was thinking that if the recording service acts like a server my hardware based firewall could be the problem, but it seems unlikely that the request for the server should leave the computer.

    Anyway is there a solution the problem that was presented at the initial thread. I now use WinTVCap but sometimes a second icon of the WinTVCap appears in the taskbar. The computer hangs and I have to reset it.

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    Hi there,

    Great program - I had similar problems regarding live tv as those mentioned above but after installing the service and registering the dll and ax files it worked.
    However, when viewing live tv now the program seems a bit unstable - my computer keeps locking up..

    I am running version 012a. I can see no apparent problems in GBPVR.exe.log, there are some references to event code 0 and a hide mouse ref=-1 but nothing that directly indicates error. I you want I can send you my log files.

    Great program, keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

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    The log probably wont help in you case. When you say your computer locks up, do you mean the computer (requiring reboot) or just GB-PVR? If it manages to lock up your computer, I suspect its driver related. Is it after a specific amount of time? Does it respond to ctrl-alt-del?

    If you're using software playback, you could selecting a different preferred mpeg2 decoder to see if it makes any difference.

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    When it locks up it is the entire computer - ctrl-alt-delete doesn't work either - behold the power of the reset button..

    Everything worked for a while or at least until I did something active like switch channels or try to exit live tv - then it locked up and I had to reset.

    When you say it could be driver related what exactly do you mean? Which drivers are involved and what versions do you use of these - I will try those then.

    Best regards,


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